Chris Astley

Chris Astley


What drives me?

I learned a long time ago, that it is hard to find dependable, consistent and affordable web service providers that really work with your best interests at heart. With everything I do I continually questions the processes and methods involved, looking for ways to improve all aspects of my businesses and in-turn the clients I serve. Automation and efficiency are what drives me, be it automating a stock feed processing or increasing checkout conversation rates.

About Chris Astley

Having worked for myself for nearly ten years, I have seen a lot of changes in the way business is done and also the way our customers buy. 9 years ago I built my first website for my company promoting its services, shortly after we started to manufacture a small range of products which we looked to sell online. I approached a company to build me a new ecommerce website which opened my eyes to the power of the internet.... I started selling online 9 years ago (this also included selling on The business grew well but the problem I often came up against was the web developer and restrictions on the shopping cart used at the time. During the following years I took the decision to learn how to build myself a new website using CRELoaded (osCommerce based cart software). Around four years ago I started using Magento, and I was heavily involved in multiple online businesses selling on eBay primarily. As some of the products I sold where seasonal, I started to offer my services and freelance on sites such as oDesk and PeoplePerHour. And as they say, the rest is history...