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Magento Dataflow Error

Magento 1.9.2 Dataflow Export Error – Undefined index: website

Shortly after updating Magento to 1.9.2 I needed to do a Dataflow export of product data. When the 'Run Profile In Popup' button was pressed I was almost instantly greeted with an error messages. Notice: Undefined index: website in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 510 To fix this issue I had to make 3 changes to the Product.php file. Line 423 change 'websites'      => '', to 'website'      => '', Line 436 change $row['websites'] = join(',', $websiteCodes); to $row['website'] = join(',', $websiteCodes); Line 438 change $row['websites'] = $this->getStore()->getWebsite()->getCode(); [...]


Moving Magento To Another Server

Overview Here is an overview of the steps we’ll take to do this: Make a MySQL dump file of the database Archive the media and theme directories Copy the files to the other server Install a clean version of Magento Import the dump file to a blank database Move our copied data to the correct places Old Server The first thing you’ll want to do is login to the server where Magento currently resides. You will need to go to the directory where Magento is installed. For the [...]